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Black Volume 1 Black Volume 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

In all honesty...

This, needs alot of work. In the intro sequence, some of the text went by a little too fast, the plot seems not bad though, maybe just work on it a little more.

The graphics aren't too good, the animation needs to be alot smoother. Things need to move a little more, try and make the fight go somehwere and not stay in this little spot. Some sound effects would be nice too. Since i can't give links here i'll pm you with some places for you to find sound fx.

You have alot of work to do in order to do this flash justice. Just don't give up and try again. Practice makes perfect.

Thanks for using my music in your animation, it is greatly appreciated.

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Fremen responds:

Thanks for making great songs. I'll slow down the text, since I read like a maniac and wasn't sure of how fast to do it. I got your sites, and I'll check them out.

Hopefully, adding a background, a layer of music/fx, and more FBF stuff, it'll come out a lot better.

Pico's Return Pico's Return

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I can't believe it!!

I don't know what to say... first i am amazed that anyone would use my audio in their animations, but in a Pico animation? This is beyond awesome! Thank you so much you just made my day :D

The flash in itself was amazing, the story, the animation. Ok so the graphics are not the best but who cares they are well beyond average.

All in all it was a very entertaining flash!

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